Turf Of America knows that a high quality running track installation starts from the ground up. So, that is how we begin. Our construction of our customized running track surfaces starts be essentially building a roadway consisting of a stone base, two layers of asphalt and an interior draining system. The result is smoother which creates a bond between the running surface and the asphalt base.

Athletic Track Installation Set To The Highest Standards

Installing the asphalt properly is an important step in the construction process in order to stay compliant within the standards of world athletic governing bodies such as the NFHSA and the ASBA. Extensive attention is given to the requirements for sloping and smoothness on an athletic track. To ensure the longevity of the track, the base is bound by concrete during the athletic track construction process.

Our Athletic Track Installation Process

A typical eight lane 400 meter running track with an interior event area is approximately 5,500 square yards. Runways and throwing areas that are included in the track design are constructed out of concrete instead of asphalt.

A synthetic track can be susceptible to the elements and in order to preserve the longevity of the track. Therefore, an adequate draining system is vital to preserving the lifespan of our running track installations. The drainage system runs along the interior of the track to capture and drain the water, which can also act as a water collection system for an athletic field.

The Turf Of America design team has created athletic track installations for many years all across the country. Before our clients select colors or materials for the track, we discuss all the options available to them. We survey the land in order to get a complete picture of any limitations that land area may provide. This allows for the athletic track to be built efficiently using the limitation of the existing ground area.

Tailored To Our Client’s Needs

Every athletic track and field we design is tailored to the specifications of our client. When the client communicates what is required for the project, Turf Of America provides every possible option, including how to get the maximum running track area, the number of lanes and options for drainage. Even the level of competition is taken into account. For example, a softer track is typically designated for practice and training, while a harder track is reserved for high competitive track events.

We work with you in detail to ensure that any renderings and drawings created during the process fully align with the vision of your athletic organization and provide a clear idea of what the final version will look like. Our design team and the client continue to discuss all the options available until a final design has been selected and approved.

Looking To Add An Athletic Track Installation To Your Sports Organization? Let Us Help.

Whether the end result is a 6 lane training track or an Olympic surface for competitive events, Turf Of America can deliver a result fro every need and budget. We work to create your field from concept and design to completion of construction. Want to get started on your running track? Call us at (813) 449-0572 to start the design process or contact us on our website here. We are ready to help.