An artificial rugby pitch is ideal for the sport. It is more durable than a natural field, which allows for more usage and allows for more teams to play.

Artificial Turf For Rugby

Rugby is definitely one of the toughest games there is. It is high impact and full contact. Rugby players need a surface that can handle intense usage, increase performance and also provide a safer contact upon impact. At Turf Of America, we understand what it takes to produce a premium turf that can withstand all levels of play. Our Xtreme Turf™ field systems for rugby are made with the highest quality skin friendly yarns, premium realistic construction and the kind of padding and infill that players prefer worldwide.

Designed To Mimic The Best Natural Grass Fields

Turf Of America’s field systems have been tested to replicate the best grass fields. Our standards are stringent and we know our customers expect the highest quality construction that delivers consistent performance from each of their players. Full rugby pitches and training centers have benefited from the cutting edge performance delivered by Turf of America.

Why Work WIth Turf Of America For Artificial Turf For Rugby?

  • Considered a certified playing surface by World Rugby Regulation 22.
  • We provide a finished product that meets the international rugby demands for performance and safety.
  • Our rugby turf in crafted for optimal performance and customized for the needs of the game.
  • We are an international producer of artificial turf systems with proven experience and performance.
  • Simulates natural grass providing excellent traction throughout the game.

Rugby Systems Featuring The Highest Quality Manufacturing You Can Count On

We manufacture, install and maintain the turf we provide, so that fans, players and managers can concentrate on the game and not what is happening to the field. Turf Of America has installed artificial turf projects across the globe. We are proud of our growing clientele. If you would like more information on artificial turf for rugby, call us at (727) 687-4288 or contact us on our website here. We look forward to building your next field.