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4 Great Benefits Of Getting Synthetic Turf Installed For Your Sports Field

Turf of America has been proudly supplying artificial green turf systems or artificial turf for sports fields across the USA. They work through a highly selective network of synthetic turf for sports field installers in order to ensure that they withstand the roughest and toughest teams in all the outdoor & indoor games & activities.

Over the years they have worked on a number of artificial sports field turf installation projects which make them an unparalleled leader in the industry. So here are they bring you the four most significant advantages of installing synthetic turf for sports fields:

Smoother Playing Field

One of the most significant benefits of a synthetic field is that it gives a smooth playing surface for the players. Sometimes a field with natural grass develops uneven areas which can be problematic during the game. Fortunately, synthetic turf for sports fields doesn’t warp over time.

Also, it is very common for athletes to kick up dirt or pieces of grass with their cleats while they are running on a natural grass field. This leads to creating divots & spots where other players can slip or possibly twist their ankle while playing.

However, when there is artificial turf for sports fields, the fields are much more durable as synthetic turfs are specifically designed to stay in place throughout any sporting event.

Lower Injury Rate

In addition to the advantage of having a smoother field, artificial turf for sports fields also lowers the risk of injury for players while they are playing on the field. With a combination of the durability advantages and the uniform playing surface, players are less likely to slip, or twist their ankle, or suffer some more serious injuries while playing on an artificial sports field turf installation.


When natural grass is used for sports fields, there is a need to use harsh pesticides and fertilizers to keep the grass growing. But when synthetic turf is installed the players don’t need to worry about accidentally ingesting any of those harsh chemicals while they’re playing. Thus, the installation of artificial turf for sports field provides not only a durable and smooth field but also a healthy environment for players.

Increased Playability

There is absolutely no doubt that synthetic turf installation has a better ability to stand the test of time than a natural grass field. Synthetic artificial grass is simply more durable than its natural counterpart.

Also, the strength of the synthetic one also reduces the need to cancel practices or games when the weather conditions are not favourable. Real grass fields tend to get muddy, and playing on them during rain can easily ruin the field. However, synthetic turf fields can easily handle all these conditions and still remain the same.

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Our precision engineered green fields are suitable for all your needs and already enabling the hidden potential of the players around the world. We even offer custom turf solutions suited to your requirements. Need low fill and high fiber turf? Or, perhaps a specialized mesh-system? We have got it all.