The Best Sports Organizations Rely On Turf Of America For Cutting Edge Field Lighting Systems To Work With The Fields We Build For Them

Founded in 2004 with 100% USA ownership, operations, and manufacturing Turf of America is here to offer you an unparalleled sports experience. Turf of America is a FIFA licensee with experience as a FIFA Preferred Producer with over 280 FIFA certified fields worldwide.

Having an excellent sports lighting system on your athletic field can provide a number of benefits to your players and fans, including safety of the athletes, performance of the athletes (they can see and show their talent), more flexible scheduling for games and practices, and improving your fans’ experience. 

When It Comes To Field Lighting, It’s Important To Ask The Correct Questions From The Start

Field lighting starts with asking the right questions: How much light is enough? Is LED right for your field? How can costs be kept down and neighbors remain happy? There are many factors to consider when you begin planning:


Depending upon the location of your field, neighbors or businesses may have some worry about light on their properties. The city may have ordinances regulating the amount of light/glare allowed (near highways and roadways). Zoning codes will need to be followed. 

Field Layout / Accessibility

Making sure there is enough room for lighting poles is important and easy accessibility for equipment, installation, and maintenance.  Most systems require a 50′ ,75’ or 100’ set back for equipment. Having electricity available on your fields to power is also important. 


Example: “A high school football field can be lighted for approximately $200,000. This includes lighting levels of 30 footcandles and assumes that the power source is adequate and within 100 feet of one of the four poles.”

Partnerships, donors, sponsors can be built to help keep costs down and build relationships with those in your community. When planning your field lighting make sure to budget the costs of repairs (replacing bulbs which require the use of a bucket truck), light operators, and electricity. 

Types of Clients We Serve

Turf of America works with a wide variety of types of clients for athletic field lighting installations. Some groups include the following:

  • Private and Public Schools
  • Little Leagues 
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Parks and Recreation 
  • Private Sports Complexes 
  • Booster Clubs 
  • General Contractors 
  • Electrical Companies 

Call Turf Of America For Your Athletic Field Lighting Needs

Turf of America offers advanced engineering coupled with cutting-edge solutions form the core of our business philosophy for the best client satisfaction. Ensuring everyone gets the real ‘Field Playing’ experience we will plan, complete, and maintain a cost-effective, trouble-free lighting solution for your facility. Let us light you in the right direction! Contact us by phone at 727-687-4288 or email us